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When Anger Becomes a Lifestyle,

It's Time to Face the REALITY of Anger Management...




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     Every day we hear of someone losing their temper and inevitably ending up wrestling with our criminal justice system. If they just had the tools, the skills to cope with their “Anger Monkeys”… now they do!



     The REALITY of ANGER MANAGEMENT is a new ½ hour Docu-Reality Series offering a 1-2-3 punch of excitement as we get to see the complete compressed journey of The Confrontation, The Healing Stages and The Challenge of Closure!


The Confrontation

     Each episode begins in the cozy office of our therapist introducing our featured angry individual. We will learn what causes their anger and if they were convicted of a crime and our therapist’s professional evaluation. We are now taken back in time to the moments of their rage and the aftermath that fallowed as the moment is being reenacted.


• Does our therapist report coincide with the angry individual's story?

• Is the angry individual still in denial, or was there more to the story that was never told?


The Healing Stages

     Our journey continues throughout the rehabilitation stages of the Anger Management Session as we take some of the best moments of our angry individuals Sessions. Life changing moments with our therapist and their interactions will be shared as well as their private thoughts. You will be outraged, disgusted, saddened, and even a nervous chuckle may sneak out while feeling a chance of hope as true emotions run EXTREMELY deep!


• Heart wrenching stories of their childhood pasts surface

• Hatred/ Rage/ Anger/ Denial/ Regret


The Challenge of Closure

     As our angry individual stories come to an end, their newly found anger management skills will be seriously put to the test! They are about to be challenged putting them in a staged intense confrontation, one similar that got them in trouble to begin with! There is no room for hostilities as our rehabilitated angry individual could have their wife, parents, loved one... parole officer, just around the corner watching, waiting to see what path they choose.


With their relationship and freedoms uncertain, they are under extreme pressure to get their lives turned around!


• Will they learn to control their angers with their new found ways?

• Or continue down the unforgiving cycle of anger?


     Besides our doctors commanding abilities, from time to time he will have amazing friends at his disposal like our extraordinary Psychic friend that can be a guiding spirit for a lost soul, or our gifted Hypnotherapists can help us regress one of our angry individual and see what really happened that night...and let’s not forget our Human Drug Detector that is an officer of the law specializing in narcotics and drug recognition. Not only can he detect if you’re on drugs, but what drugs you are on and when you last took them! All this and more will add to the excitement of...



A little About our Doctor:

Who better than A&E’s Dr. John Tsilimparis from Obsessed to take hold of the reins and help our anger riddled individuals? Dr. John is a 16 year veteran that Larry King and the Media use as their “go to” guy for psychological commentaries. Adding to the list of his expertise’s he is a contributing writer for the Huffington Post, a professor at Pepperdine University and a published author.




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